Michelle Shivani


This post is a long time coming. I trained with Jyothi when she was in Chicago this winter. I should have known immediately that’s she’s change my life. I was in a very torn place. My work has become toxic, I had lost friends and family who were very dear to Covid and illness. The moment I picked her up at Shweta’s home, I knew something was different. I trained and received level I and level II. I told her so many of my hopes and dreams. I went on an interview the week after level II. Jyothi and I did reiki together before the interview. Today I’m writing from my new home in California.
Reiki has helped me heal in so many ways. I’m not nearly as consistent as I need to be. It has helped me find peace and a way through very hard times. I am forever grateful for Shauna for bringing Jyothi into my life.

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