Brooke Torrenga


I wanted to share my wonderful experience having trained with Jyotyhi over the summer. I completed Reiki levels 1 and 2. My only experience with Reiki prior to this was a spa treatment I had a few years ago that was underwhelming, to say the least – the “certified practitioner” read from an index card as she described the seven chakras and seemed openly skeptical of the treatment she was performing. I remained interested in Reiki despite this bizarre experience, albeit a bit more ambivalent about it than I had been.
From my first session with Jyothi, it was clear that this experience would be completely different. Jyothi’s warm demeanor and radiant energy put me in such a positive space right away, and any doubts I had about Reiki started to dissipate. Starting with the history and development of Reiki before delving into the nuts and bolts of the practice really grounded the first session for me and gave context to the principles and practices I would learn later. But it was the powerful flow of energy I felt during attunement that really took me by surprise. It was truly an eye opening experience.
My sessions with Jyothi were thorough and impactful, and I walked away with a much deeper understanding of the many benefits of reiki. I continue to practice the techniques I learned and try to implement the principles in my daily life as much as I can. Jyothi is a shining light and a true expert, and I am so grateful to have been (properly) introduced to reiki through her!

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