Dalila Duarte


I am very grateful to be part of this energetically radiant space! Recently I completed Reiki 1 with Jyothi Parthasarthy. My initial Reiki 1 session was exactly three weeks after my second back-to-back knee surgery. When it dawned on me I messaged Jyothi at 3:33am. As I learned with Jyothi, anything in 3’s becomes an affirmation. The cosmetic energy called for me at a time where it knew the flow of its healing power were needed now more than ever.
Two hours before the start of our second Reiki 1 session Jyothi was sending me reiki without me knowing. Nevertheless, it was SO POWERFUL that I woke up during the time she was sending me healing. Jyothi’s connection with the divine and cosmetic energy is so aligned that the healing is truly experienced.
Two days after I completed Reiki 1 and an attunement with Jyothi, I was practicing reiki on myself in the evening. I laid in bed with my headphones and lights off. As I was laying there the bedroom light turned on all by itself at exactly 11:07pm. I couldn’t believe it but I gave thanks because in my heart I knew it was a message. In speaking with Jyothi about my experience she helped me confirm that it was my beautiful mother making sure that I felt her heavenly presence and protection over me. 🥹😇💕🙏🏽
These are only a few examples of many beautiful affirmations experienced in my learning with Jyothi. I look forward to continue expanding my healing, knowledge and energy with her guidance.

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