Supriya Santhanam


I got to know my thyroid levels were quite high and I wasn’t too keen on high doses of medication. That’s when I decided I should look for alternate forms of healing. I approached Jyothi for healing through Reiki. She explained about Reiki so I knew what I was getting into. Her healing sessions were the most unreal and energizing experiences that I’ve had. Experiencing energy swirls and vibrations felt so unbelievable. After five amazing sessions, she offered to teach me Reiki and I was more than happy to learn this form of healing. Just talking to her is an experience, so much knowledge that one can absorb. I’ve learnt level I and level II from her and it brought amazing changes in my life. The ability to heal yourself and to help someone heal is life changing. I am ever so grateful to Reiki and to have Jyothi as my Reiki master.

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