What is Reiki?

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is a non-invasive method of healing to restore emotional and physical wellbeing. It is achieved through establishing balance of energy in the human body. It calms the mind, transcends time and space, and provides nourishing healing energy to the healer and the healed. Reiki is also called the Energy Medicine.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Healing Energy

    Reiki supplies healing energy and breaks down energy blockages in the various chakras in the body.

  • Calms Mind Thereby

    Consistent Reiki protocol practice calms and centers the mind, increasing focus and deep attention

  • Harmony & Balance

    Consistent Reiki practice enhances overall harmony and balance in the chakras in the body.

  • Body Vibrational

    Consistent Reiki practice helps the immune system by aligning and balancing , protecting one’s body from exhaustion and depletion

  • Releases Toxins

    Releases toxins from the body, removes mental and emotional blocks.

  • Self Healing

    Initiates overall repair and self-healing.

  • Unwanted & Toxic Energy

    Helps the body to cleanse itself of unwanted and toxic energy

  • Immune System

    Protecting your body from exhaustion, burn out or immune system failure.

Levels of Reiki

Level I

Your Body

It is easy and enjoyable to learn. During the training the person receives attunement. This opens up your energy centers, thereby enabling you to become a channel for Universal Life Force Energy. This creates a permanent connection or gateway for Reiki Energy to be continually present in your lives. The attunement is done over two days and is very simple and easy to learn. It is a hands-on method of healing.

Level II - A

Your Mind

The person after attunement receives three (3 )symbols, which they will have to learn to activate. The three (3) symbols enable to direct Reiki and heal anyone, anywhere in the world (Absentee healing). Reiki can be sent for any specific purpose. It can be sent to heal any traumatic events of the past, or for any future event.
Level II - B

Alignment, Balance
& Centeredness

Having cured ourselves of our physical ailments and having got rid of our mental clutter and emotional baggage, we now move toward being balanced, centered, focused, stabilized, grounded, blessed and protected. This enables us to navigate through life’s challenges on a day-to-day basis with determination, deep concentration and contemplative immersion. There is a strong connect from within to the Universe, helping us both professionally and personally.

Levels of Reiki Enquiry